A not so distant past

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the National Mexican Art Museum and I must say it brought back a ton of memories of my childhood.

While I did not grow up in Mexico, I would spend every summer for about 2 months either in Durango or with my grandparents in Eagle Pass, Texas, where if you asked me, crossing the threshold of my grandparent’s house, I was in Mexico.

I remember the colors of the houses. It could be the cloudiest day, the roads no longer roads but mud pits, but the houses remained vibrant and rich in colors. Pink, red, and green houses, with lace curtains and plastic covered sofas to keep the dirt off of them. I remember the patios/front porches where we would sit outside on the white iron furniture and gaze at the stars or sit across a fire talking about life. Even then I was fascinated by my family’s history. Who was that? How are they my cousins? Y luego que paso? And then what happened? I remember the loving arms of my grandmothers as they would play with my hair. Answering any and every questions my curious mind could think of. I remember sitting with my distant cousins and new friends asking them about what it was like to grow up in Mexico.

Mostly I remember playing, ALL day!!! My favorite was playing restaurant with my brother at my ‘Buelita Juanitas house. We had mini everything! Plates, cups, trastes, cucharas. The following photos represent what I used to love about being a child with a Mexican heritage.


I must have had this exact set growing up. If I would have known my dad could have made a  “kitchen” like this for me I so would have made him do it. I think it’s awesome! I will definitely do something like this for my children.


This piece was called the “History of Mole” again you’ll find the dishes I’m fond of, and since I’m a HUGE fan of Mole I had to get a picture of this.

ImageTHis last picture reminds me of all the vibrant colors that existed in Mexico. The U.S was a world of beige, browns and dark greens, with an occasional floral pattern in the mix. But Mexico was a world where everything was brighter and louder and more exciting, even skeleton toys from Guanajuato.