Meyer Family

Miracles surround these wonderful people

Each one expected, never once doubting

Years of prayers

Each with sealed with their tears

Reaching the heavens

Faithfully seeking

Almighty God hearing their cries

Moved in their lives each and every time

Inspiring others

Loving their sweet handsome Gentry

Yet always in gratitude to the one who provides.


This is the first of many poems that I’m writing as a Thank you for those that donated up to or beyond the poetry level on my GoFundme Page. Each poem is written with love and thought to the particular person(s)’ life.

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Thank you and God Bless!



I remembered you today

Remembered your smile

The way you looked after your siblings

The way you used to make me laugh

I remembered you today

Remembered how you would dance in my class

I remember the way you used to call me Miss

Never knowing this day would come to pass

I remembered you today

And it hurt to know

The way it ended

A young Latino dead

I remembered you today

Your accented voice still clear as day

Asking to help with the problems

Wondering how you could get away

I remembered you today

Wishing I could have done more

Wondering what really happened

Not knowing how much you were hurting

I remembered you today

And i just wanted you to know

That your laughter will never be forgotten

The joy you brought will be carried on forever

Your Voice

My greatest fear is that I will no longer hear your voice
That one day it will grow silent within me
That voice that has always reminded me of your love for me
A fear that one day that voice will one day grow mute

Not because you no longer wish to speak
Because you do speak
You speak through the breezes
Gently caressing my skin

You speak through the songs of the birds
Who give you praises with ever note they tweet
You speak through the laughter of a child
Reminding me the joys of this world

Yet I fear losing you
I fear that I will drift away
That I will no longer recognize your voice
It will no longer call out to me

I must stop pushing you away
I must stop ignoring your call
I must hold on to my purpose
I must take down this great wall

The wall that tells me
I can do it on my own
The wall that tells me
You are not true

I choose you
My Savior
My Shelter
My Lord

I choose to hear your voice
To let it comfort me
To let it remind me of your love
To let it strengthen me

I choose to hear your voice

In Search of Hope


Broken Hearted
Overwhelming sadness
Closing in all around me

Breaking free of all that binds me
Searching for what was never spoken
For fear that it might not exist
Yet searching none the less

Hidden in the darkest corners
Or within the broken promises
Perhaps inside the forgotten dream
There might reside the hope which has been unseen

Down the longest alley
Or under the self hatred
Could it be found among the hateful language
That hope that can cure this overwhelming damage

Hope to continue the battle
Hope to believe in love once more
Hope to rise above their expectations
Hope to live my life freely


I hear her voice

Why did this happen to me!

How could he do this?!

What am I going to do!?

I hear her scream

Not just with my ears

But my heart hears it too

And it screams along side her

This world of injustice

This place of despair

Where no one is safe

Not young nor old

She had been raped

Not once

Not twice

But three times

My heart screams

What can I tell her

How can I help

What should I do

I sit

And I listen

Wondering how

This woman has the courage to tell it all now

No longer is she hiding

No longer afraid

She chooses to move on

Taking life day by day

In the quietness of the moment

Her voice no longer screaming

My heart can still hear

The roar of her scream

Nothing can change

The hurt that she’s suffered

Nothing I do can ease the pain that she’s in

She herself is the hero

Standing against those who deny her

Her right to be free

Free from assaults

Free from her pain

She’s screaming for justice

Demanding a change

So many reasons to praise

With air in my lungs

And eyes that can clearly see

All that you have given me

I praise You

With peace in my home

and the ability to read

The precious love letter you have gifted us

I praise you

With joy in my heart

And your strength carrying me

While your wisdom assures me

I praise you

In the midst of my storm

Through all my pain and suffering

With hands lifted high

I praise you

After such a great fall

You come and lift me

Back on my feet

I praise you


Mientras se cae la lluvia

Mientras los truenos suenan

Mientras que la tormenta pase


Mientras mi llanto se escuche 

Mientras mi lagrimas se sequen

Mientras mi aliento regrese


Mientras mi mundo se arregle

Mientras mi corazon se recupere

Mientras mi vida si salve