Humanity – what happened to us?

Last night I wrote a short essay on what defines us as humans. What saddens me is that I believe that those essential parts of what makes us who we are, are being lost. While animals are capable of caring and love, what sets us apart from them is the fact that we can choose to unite and support one another. We can choose to create an environment of equality and hope, yet instead we are taking this gift that God has given us and thrown it in the trash. God’s purpose for us was not to kill, hate and destroy each other. His purpose for us was to be stewards of the blessings He has provide. When was the last time you showed compassion to someone? The last time you reflected your humanity on this world? We are too caught up in our own selfishness to realize that we are destroying this beautiful world that God created for us.

While I know a huge part of the chaos in the world began with the “fall” of man, I believe God has given us the opportunity to redeem ourselves. Yet we haven’t….in fact we have done the exact opposite. The Bible tells us that when Cain killed Abel, Abel’s blood cried out to God (Gen. 4:10). How many more souls have died today whose blood is crying out to God. How many lives are suffering because humanity refuses to act human. Instead we want power, wealth, fame, control….

How can we continue to be human when we believe that one person’s hurt is more important than another. That one person who is suffering deserves less compassion because of their ethnicity, gender, location, culture. We as humans have been called to care for this world. We have been called to care for each other. Yet we are refusing to do just that.

I am glad that we have an everlasting hope of our Father Jesus, and that He has bestowed on us His grace and compassion, but what are we doing with it. When are we going to start acting human again?


Your Voice

My greatest fear is that I will no longer hear your voice
That one day it will grow silent within me
That voice that has always reminded me of your love for me
A fear that one day that voice will one day grow mute

Not because you no longer wish to speak
Because you do speak
You speak through the breezes
Gently caressing my skin

You speak through the songs of the birds
Who give you praises with ever note they tweet
You speak through the laughter of a child
Reminding me the joys of this world

Yet I fear losing you
I fear that I will drift away
That I will no longer recognize your voice
It will no longer call out to me

I must stop pushing you away
I must stop ignoring your call
I must hold on to my purpose
I must take down this great wall

The wall that tells me
I can do it on my own
The wall that tells me
You are not true

I choose you
My Savior
My Shelter
My Lord

I choose to hear your voice
To let it comfort me
To let it remind me of your love
To let it strengthen me

I choose to hear your voice

So many reasons to praise

With air in my lungs

And eyes that can clearly see

All that you have given me

I praise You

With peace in my home

and the ability to read

The precious love letter you have gifted us

I praise you

With joy in my heart

And your strength carrying me

While your wisdom assures me

I praise you

In the midst of my storm

Through all my pain and suffering

With hands lifted high

I praise you

After such a great fall

You come and lift me

Back on my feet

I praise you

When you can do nothing but pray

Today I walked out of 2 schools feeling utterly powerless.

They were 2 totally different school in 2 totally different communities. The two girls I saw had totally different situations and circumstances. Yet in each of these cases there was a possibility that I would never see these girls again. A possibility that if these girls were to go home tonight, they could possibly die. I don’t mean in an accident, because we all face that possibility daily, but I mean literally murdered or drug overdose or something to that extent. I walked out of the school without that assurance that I will see them next week. 

I drove in silence. 

I did a lot of thinking.

I did a lot of praying.

I did a lot of hoping.

When I got to the office I talked to my colleagues and that helped, but when I got in the car to drive to church…I drove in silence.

I did a lot of thinking.

I did a lot of praying.

I did a lot of hoping.

I also realized something. What if I had not been able to go to those schools? These girls would have never heard that someone understands. They wouldn’t know that 1 more person cared about them. They wouldn’t know that there are people who are willing to help them. People who believe in them.

That’s really important because a couple of months ago there was talks of maybe not being able to go to schools because of funding and time constraints. You see the schools I visit are usually 20 minutes away from my job with no traffic. In what it takes to see 1 client at a school, I could possibly see 2 clients at my office building. Yet these girls have no transportation, no support system at home. They are literally alone. 

These of course are not the only clients we see where we have that concern. Often we see women on a weekly basis that when they walk out of our building we don’t know what’s going to happen. Many of which we never see again. 

We hope that they have had enough information to stay safe, and that they are able to overcome all the obstacles their abusers have placed over them. The only difference between the clients I see in the office and the clients I saw today was the fact that these 2 girls didn’t turn their backs on me…I turned my back on them.

Before leaving one told me “Do you really have to leave? Aren’t you supposed to help me. How are you going to do that? What should I do?” I took a deep breath and said “You’re the one who has to make the decision on what you want to do. I can only give you options and choices, and in the end its you who can decide if you want to make a change.” What  I wanted to tell her was that I would take her home with me, that I would protect her, that I would make sure that she have a normal life just like any other 16 year old. Only I couldn’t tell her that. I couldn’t do anything. I could only promise that I would be there next week. 

All in all I know that had it not been for the Women’s Center and the work we do, I would have never met these 2 incredibly brave strong young women. I know I would have never been able to give them that word of hope. Most of all I would have never been able to pray for them. 

I ask that each of you say a prayer for these two girls. God knows who they are.

I also ask that you consider donating any amount. Each dollar helps in ensuring that young ladies like these are able to access our services. You can donate any amount you wish from $5 – $50. You can follow this link to my donor page —> 

Thank you! 


There’s a payer in my heart that only He can hear
A prayer for those who inhabit this world
A prayer for those whom I hold so dear
A prayer that will soon be told

There’s a prayer in my heart that longs to burst forth
A prayer that will be said with all sincerity
A prayer that will cross over the highest mountains
A prayer so delicate it will be carried on the wings of angels

There’s a prayer in my heart that weighs heavy on my soul
a prayer that can bring peace to my spirit
A prayer that I have carried for far too long
A payer that i hope one day I can share

But until then it remains a prayer that only He can hear

Not giving up on your ministry/ mission/job

Often times there’s an unsettling in your spirit and you have no idea where it’s coming from or how it got there…. you just know you don’t like it and want it gone. Then all of a sudden God reveals everything to you and you realize all the areas of your life that has been affected by this thing and you feel relieved. He reveals what could’ve happened and demonstrates what will happen. He strengthens you and encourages you to keep going. You might not always understand why your going through the struggle, but stay faithful, lean on Him, remember He is your guiding light.

I know because this was something i just experienced. I had been feeling an unrest for sometime and prayed to figure out where it was coming from. Today I discovered what it was, and it was a relief. Earlier today i had thought about giving up on something that God gifted me because i was frustrated and wanted to teach “those”  people a lesson. I was ready to quit on something that I could’ve never achieved on my own but had been able to through Gods grace. Once i had made up my mind on quiting i made a timeline on when would be the most convenient time to quit. Then tonight happened. God told me how can I quit on something He had given me. Something accomplished not through my knowledge or skills but purely as a result of His goodness. He gave me this job/mission because there is something I need to do there. The only one who can say when I’m done is God.

Is there something in your life you’re wanting to quit but struggling with the decision? Don’t worry we’ve all been there and your not alone. Just know that God is working through you as we speak, but when you feel you cant go any further remember he’s really the one doing all the work.  Turn to Him let Him encourage you and strengthen you, don’t believe that you can do it on your own because we didn’t get to where we are on our own.