On Faith….Bread Bible – Daily Bible Readings Reflection

So this year my church started participating in a daily Bible reading plan, and as a group we’re going through and reading and reflecting on what we read that day. I hadn’t thought about doing it, but as I started looking at the Bible that corresponds with the plan, I thought I’d give it a shot. So far so good. Since I’m going to school and write anyway, I figured that I would go ahead and randomly write about what I read. It’s definitely not going to be a daily thing, but probably a weekly thing, or every other day. The readings will be daily, but my reflections/blog post will not…I’m not entirely sure how often they’ll be but hopefully it will be consistent. The decision to write came today, since the coffee I drank earlier is still in my system, and since I’ve turned in all my assignments that were due this week, I figured…why not.

Friday 1-9-15

So yesterday’s readings were Genesis ch. 17 & 18, and Matthew 8.

Faith was something that stood out to me. Chapter 17 deals with Abram’s calling, for those who don’t know Abram’s name is changed to Abraham after God confirms his calling to be the “father of many nations”. So here’s God telling Abram that he will be this super important guy and Abram wasn’t sure what to think, and he laughed. He wasn’t the only one who laughed though, the next time this was told to them, his wife Sarah laughed as well. I don’t think they laughed because they doubted, I think they laughed because they didn’t feel worthy. Of course most of us know the outcome of this story so I won’t go to more details, but it got me thinking of all the times I doubted God’s calling on my life, the times that I felt I wasn’t worthy to be called by Him. All the times I though…”Yea…OK God…Whatever you say”. Like God could really use me, or I could really be called by Him. And just like Abraham, I messed up along the way, but I’m still here. Still walking down the same road towards my final destination.

Let’s get back to talking about faith, my pastor is actually doing a series on faith and I thought that it was awesome how the readings for today were on faith as well (at least that’s what stood out to me). When we look at Abraham and know that even though he didn’t feel like he was worthy or capable of his calling, he still continued to do what God called him to do. My pastor said to the effect that while faith is believing in something, it’s only faith if you act on that belief. Not in a crazy way, but in a ‘yea this is going to work out for me’ kind of way. In a ‘Let me move, let me do something’ kind of way, a demonstration to show that I know God is doing something. That’s where Matthew 8 comes in. It’s like the chapter was devoted to acts of faith. In the first thirteen versus, two different people approached Jesus in this chapter. Both had faith and new that Jesus could heal, but they didn’t just stay quiet or sit back. They approached Jesus. They went up to Him and basically said “Hey I’m sick…” or “…so and so is sick, please heal them”, and just like that they were healed. I think about all the times I thought that it would be awesome if God healed me, or provided for me. I knew He could do it, I believed it, but I never asked. I never really approached Him in that way. I didn’t take action….and then the moments would pass. Then I think about the other areas where I didn’t even pray for something and God made it happen because I acted on faith. How twice now I’ve quit my job and within 24 hours God had it worked out for my good. On one occasion it was worked out within 30 minutes of me acting on faith just did it. I didn’t make a request, I didn’t have to fast, I just knew that God was going to take care of me. It was literally like falling off a cliff only to land on a big fluffy pillow, without knowing that it was going to be there, but believing that nothing bad would happen.

While I can’t recommend for everyone to take that leap, I definitely think it’s worth praying about. Each time I took the leap, I felt peace, not worry, not doubt, just peace. I’m sure those men who approached Jesus felt that way too. In their hearts they felt peace because standing in front of them was the one who had the ability to change their lives, all they had to do was approach Him.

How many times have we believed that God could do something but we never built up the courage to present the need to Him?

How many times have we felt unworthy of the calling He has placed in us?

How many times have we refused to take the leap because we are too focused on the worrying?

Anyway these are my ramblings and reflections at 2am…so glad I get to sleep in. Until next time…



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