Up until now

Sketchy internet service has been perhaps the most dramatic thing that has happened during the last couple of days that I’ve been here. That is until I work up this morning and heard that they found the three Israeli boys that had disappeared a couple of weeks ago. The fact that it changed our schedule for the day held the least of the impact for me. Instead I was just dumbstruck by what I was experience. 

Before coming to Israel I knew things were bad, I knew that there were conflicts and bombings, but I never really thought about. For the last two nights we had lecturers here at Fuller, and I think learning from the people who live here, and being immersed with this culture, had really just brought things to perspective. I find myself emotional, fatigued, and with a heavy heart. 

The first lecture, two days ago, dealt with the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and hearing the discussion and realizing that there might never be a “good” solution to it just left me in a daze. Both sides just want totally different things, and each side thinks that they’re right, and knowing that I can’t side with either of them, is difficult for me. I can usually hear both sides of the story and say this is what I believe…but i can’t do that. I hurt for the people who are stuck in the middle, for those who want to live in peace. That same day we had the opportunity to enter into the temple mount and witnessed a confrontation between the Jewish and Muslim people and seeing how in reality both set of peoples were trying to worship God in their holy place. So who was wrong, who was right, who is to blame?? 

Last night we had a lecturer that explained how the Christian churches came to be in Israel and the role they play in the community. We discussed how ultimately it is the people of the country that can decide how to proceed with the conflicts that they’re facing. However, as Christians, and as the minority in the country they face even more struggles.These people are most often the ones living in poverty.  Where would they fit in? How can we…the church…leave them alone in this situation…how can we support and encourage our brothers and sisters? We are not called to be the knight in shining armor, but are we called to sit and watch? How much of a role should we play? These are all questions that for me have no answers. 

Then today I sat at a restaurant watching news that I could not understand and hearing the restaurant owner response of “This happens all the time, it’s nothing new”. It was nothing new…three young boys dead, as a result of religious conflict, as a result of political conflict, as a result of a piece of land. To think that at any moment a war could erupt…that someone can just come in and say one thing, or do one thing, and by that one action thousands upon thousands can die. 

I think about this and I cry…I cry because there are no answers. I cry because while I’m sitting at the beach, there are people dying miles away from me. I hear the alarms ringing, I see the planes over head, I hear my classmates say they saw missiles flying over head…and all I can do is pray. I pray for God to illuminate the leaders of these nations, I pray for God’s continued protect over His creation.


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