Today is day 4, and I know what you’re thinking, what happened to day 2 and 3, well, here they are!! 

On day 2 we went to:

Sepphoris, another archaeological dig site, with some beautiful mosaics. 

This mosaic is a couple of thousand years old.

This mosaic is a couple of thousand years old.

Then we went to Tel Dan, and can I tell you, this place was absolutely gorgeous!! I mean whoa! I had no idea that a place like this would be located in Israel. Searching for the spring was something that gave me energy. You could always hear it, but would only see it in random places. 

On a bridge overlooking a gorgeous stream.

On a bridge overlooking a gorgeous stream.

We finished the day by visiting Caesarea Philipi which was a really sad but fascinating place. I say sad because of the human sacrifices that took place there. Yet it was fascinating to see how much of the wall was preserved and the different influences in the architecture. 

On day 3 we started off the morning at the Mt. of Beatitudes, and I was grateful to have had a moment to just sit and dwell in God’s presence there. Knowing that there was a high likelihood that Jesus himself sat somewhere near there and taught us how to love, and blessed his people. Even now I get emotional. It was really a moving place. DSCF1398


From there we went on to the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Again, thinking about all the miracles that took place there was just like WHOA!!! Wondering how many people saw or heard him there. I know that some reading this blog might not be fans of Christians, but you have think about Christ and what He did. We as Christians fall short all the time, but Jesus just loved and cared for everyone. DSCF1437

Capernaum was also a great place we visited on day 3. Seeing the site of what could have possibly been the first Christian church just floored me. I thought about how when I was little we had a church in our home and the lives that were impacted/affected by it, but how this one home church literally impacted hundreds of thousands by the people that left it and continued to preach the Gospel.DSCF1451

2 days in one


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