Israel Day 1

So Monday was an incredible day! I know that the rest of the trip is going to be awesome simply because of everything we did today. 

We had an early start and headed to Caeserea and the Mediterranean. We stopped near Harod’s castle, and well let’s just say that if I lived during those times, I would definitely want to be staying there. The place was amazing!!! Granted it was a bunch of ruble, but seeing everything that was there, and the view and all that, I can image how great it looked. 



So here's where king Herod, and later Pontius Pilate

So here’s where king Herod, and later Pontius Pilate hung out and lived

I mean can you believe being surrounded with so much beauty. Yet there’s an air of sadness because of all that occurred here. The people who died, for the sake of entertainment.
Here's the hippodrome located near Herod's castle.

Here’s the hippodrome located near Herod’s castle.

After that we went to Megiddo and explored an archaeological site that overlooks Armageddon. According to what they told us, there were over 30 battles that took place. It was pretty crazy seeing all that was out there, and hearing the about the discoveries.

Archaeology in Megiddo

Archaeology in Megiddo


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