Amsterdam and Tantur

So it looks like I’m a day behind on blog post, I’m going to try to do two today, one now and another tonight. We’ll see how that goes. 

So I had mentioned loving 2 things about Amsterdam, and only talked about 1 thing, the 2nd thing is the architecture there. I love looking at buildings. In Amsterdam it’s particularly awesome because the diversity of the buildings themselves. You don’t just have one genre of building styles, but some that span hundreds of years. I would post pics but for some reason, probably the internet speed, I’m not able to upload them to wordpress. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some pictures soon though. 

Like I mentioned on my last post, I think the people, no matter where I go will be my favorite part about any place I visit. 


I arrived in Tel Aviv about 2:30 am and after getting my visa I walked out to get a shuttle taxi. This was definitely an awkward experience for me because the guys were literally arguing over who was going to take me. It’s not that they wanted to take me, it was more like they didn’t want to bother. I’m guessing the place was too far, or out of the way, but their body language was not in my favor. I was pretty uneasy about all that just because I started thinking that I would get stranded, but finally one of them was “talked” into taking me to Tantur. At night Tantur reminds me of an old castle/monestry building. It’s located on top of this hill and surrounded by flowers and what not. After a couple of hours of sleep I went ahead and did a little exploring. 


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