I’m still not sure if I’m cut out for being a world traveler. The jet lag is REAL! haha

It’s so bad that as I was sitting outside reading, in this beautiful, picturesque breezy courtyard…and tell me why i was literally falling asleep. I was nodding off…after I had slept, and after I had taken a nap. I’m still SLEEPY! haha but I don’t want to stay here and sleep all day, so I will do as much as I can to get through it. 

Anyway I’m sure you all don’t want to to read about my jet lag and are wondering what I did in Amsterdam. 

I arrived in Amsterdam at 7am which is about midnight Houston time and had 10 hours to kill before my next flight. So the airport there is HUGE! I had a hard time figuring out where and how to catch the train. Luckily there are these huge signs that say TRAINS so I wasn’t confused that much. I ended up just getting a round trip ticket to Amsterdam Central, and used some of the Euros that i got before leaving Houston, which was awesome planning in my part because their credit card machines were down. Once I got to Amsterdam Central I had to figure out how to catch train 17, which was supposed to take me to the Anne Frank house. So their method of transportation is so random to me, I needed to get on this train but the signs listed platforms and street names but I had no idea what street the Anne Frank house was on. Of course I had no wifi and no way to look it up, then as I walked outside I saw the boats. The boats, Canal Cruises, were a drop off pick up thing that cost about 22 Euros…this was a total win win for me because I did not have to figure out street names or train scan cards or any of that. All I had to do was jump off when I needed to and jump back on when I felt that I needed to. 


ImageMe on the boat


There were two things I loved about Amsterdam. 1 was the people!! I must have heard about 20 different languages in the short hours that i was there. I’m a total people watcher. Especially when I don’t know anyone or am in a new environment.The most interesting had to have been the bicyclist. Those guys and girls really do own the road. I didn’t really quite grasp the whole biker lane until someone literally ran into me. His reaction was…I was ringing the bell you should have moved…and my reaction was ummm…sorry…but I survived, with very few bruises. So that was a plus.


One of the bicycle people

Standing in line (for 2 hrs) while waiting to get into the Anne Frank Museum was the perfect place to do that. The line literally went around 3 blocks. I debated whether or not I wanted to go stay, I decided to go through with it just because this was Anne Frank and doubted that I would be there again and if I did return I’d probably be spending more time. 



At the Anne Frank House Museum they didn’t allow us to take pictures inside so I was only able to take this picture. 



It was truly an amazing place. To think this young girl was still able to live a semi “normal” teen life full of mood swings, romance, and self discovery right in the middle of fearing for her life. To see how small the room where she slept was, to see how many stairs they had to climb day in and day out. To watch an interview her father gave regarding her life, and how she inspired him. So much happened in her short life. What would I have done. What would have been my reaction to being in that situation. Definitely something to think about. 

It’s actually dinner time now….so I’ll probably get back to writing about what my 2nd favorite thing


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