Today is day 4, and I know what you’re thinking, what happened to day 2 and 3, well, here they are!! 

On day 2 we went to:

Sepphoris, another archaeological dig site, with some beautiful mosaics. 

This mosaic is a couple of thousand years old.

This mosaic is a couple of thousand years old.

Then we went to Tel Dan, and can I tell you, this place was absolutely gorgeous!! I mean whoa! I had no idea that a place like this would be located in Israel. Searching for the spring was something that gave me energy. You could always hear it, but would only see it in random places. 

On a bridge overlooking a gorgeous stream.

On a bridge overlooking a gorgeous stream.

We finished the day by visiting Caesarea Philipi which was a really sad but fascinating place. I say sad because of the human sacrifices that took place there. Yet it was fascinating to see how much of the wall was preserved and the different influences in the architecture. 

On day 3 we started off the morning at the Mt. of Beatitudes, and I was grateful to have had a moment to just sit and dwell in God’s presence there. Knowing that there was a high likelihood that Jesus himself sat somewhere near there and taught us how to love, and blessed his people. Even now I get emotional. It was really a moving place. DSCF1398


From there we went on to the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Again, thinking about all the miracles that took place there was just like WHOA!!! Wondering how many people saw or heard him there. I know that some reading this blog might not be fans of Christians, but you have think about Christ and what He did. We as Christians fall short all the time, but Jesus just loved and cared for everyone. DSCF1437

Capernaum was also a great place we visited on day 3. Seeing the site of what could have possibly been the first Christian church just floored me. I thought about how when I was little we had a church in our home and the lives that were impacted/affected by it, but how this one home church literally impacted hundreds of thousands by the people that left it and continued to preach the Gospel.DSCF1451

2 days in one


Israel Day 1

So Monday was an incredible day! I know that the rest of the trip is going to be awesome simply because of everything we did today. 

We had an early start and headed to Caeserea and the Mediterranean. We stopped near Harod’s castle, and well let’s just say that if I lived during those times, I would definitely want to be staying there. The place was amazing!!! Granted it was a bunch of ruble, but seeing everything that was there, and the view and all that, I can image how great it looked. 



So here's where king Herod, and later Pontius Pilate

So here’s where king Herod, and later Pontius Pilate hung out and lived

I mean can you believe being surrounded with so much beauty. Yet there’s an air of sadness because of all that occurred here. The people who died, for the sake of entertainment.
Here's the hippodrome located near Herod's castle.

Here’s the hippodrome located near Herod’s castle.

After that we went to Megiddo and explored an archaeological site that overlooks Armageddon. According to what they told us, there were over 30 battles that took place. It was pretty crazy seeing all that was out there, and hearing the about the discoveries.

Archaeology in Megiddo

Archaeology in Megiddo

Amsterdam and Tantur

So it looks like I’m a day behind on blog post, I’m going to try to do two today, one now and another tonight. We’ll see how that goes. 

So I had mentioned loving 2 things about Amsterdam, and only talked about 1 thing, the 2nd thing is the architecture there. I love looking at buildings. In Amsterdam it’s particularly awesome because the diversity of the buildings themselves. You don’t just have one genre of building styles, but some that span hundreds of years. I would post pics but for some reason, probably the internet speed, I’m not able to upload them to wordpress. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some pictures soon though. 

Like I mentioned on my last post, I think the people, no matter where I go will be my favorite part about any place I visit. 


I arrived in Tel Aviv about 2:30 am and after getting my visa I walked out to get a shuttle taxi. This was definitely an awkward experience for me because the guys were literally arguing over who was going to take me. It’s not that they wanted to take me, it was more like they didn’t want to bother. I’m guessing the place was too far, or out of the way, but their body language was not in my favor. I was pretty uneasy about all that just because I started thinking that I would get stranded, but finally one of them was “talked” into taking me to Tantur. At night Tantur reminds me of an old castle/monestry building. It’s located on top of this hill and surrounded by flowers and what not. After a couple of hours of sleep I went ahead and did a little exploring. 


I’m still not sure if I’m cut out for being a world traveler. The jet lag is REAL! haha

It’s so bad that as I was sitting outside reading, in this beautiful, picturesque breezy courtyard…and tell me why i was literally falling asleep. I was nodding off…after I had slept, and after I had taken a nap. I’m still SLEEPY! haha but I don’t want to stay here and sleep all day, so I will do as much as I can to get through it. 

Anyway I’m sure you all don’t want to to read about my jet lag and are wondering what I did in Amsterdam. 

I arrived in Amsterdam at 7am which is about midnight Houston time and had 10 hours to kill before my next flight. So the airport there is HUGE! I had a hard time figuring out where and how to catch the train. Luckily there are these huge signs that say TRAINS so I wasn’t confused that much. I ended up just getting a round trip ticket to Amsterdam Central, and used some of the Euros that i got before leaving Houston, which was awesome planning in my part because their credit card machines were down. Once I got to Amsterdam Central I had to figure out how to catch train 17, which was supposed to take me to the Anne Frank house. So their method of transportation is so random to me, I needed to get on this train but the signs listed platforms and street names but I had no idea what street the Anne Frank house was on. Of course I had no wifi and no way to look it up, then as I walked outside I saw the boats. The boats, Canal Cruises, were a drop off pick up thing that cost about 22 Euros…this was a total win win for me because I did not have to figure out street names or train scan cards or any of that. All I had to do was jump off when I needed to and jump back on when I felt that I needed to. 


ImageMe on the boat


There were two things I loved about Amsterdam. 1 was the people!! I must have heard about 20 different languages in the short hours that i was there. I’m a total people watcher. Especially when I don’t know anyone or am in a new environment.The most interesting had to have been the bicyclist. Those guys and girls really do own the road. I didn’t really quite grasp the whole biker lane until someone literally ran into me. His reaction was…I was ringing the bell you should have moved…and my reaction was ummm…sorry…but I survived, with very few bruises. So that was a plus.


One of the bicycle people

Standing in line (for 2 hrs) while waiting to get into the Anne Frank Museum was the perfect place to do that. The line literally went around 3 blocks. I debated whether or not I wanted to go stay, I decided to go through with it just because this was Anne Frank and doubted that I would be there again and if I did return I’d probably be spending more time. 



At the Anne Frank House Museum they didn’t allow us to take pictures inside so I was only able to take this picture. 



It was truly an amazing place. To think this young girl was still able to live a semi “normal” teen life full of mood swings, romance, and self discovery right in the middle of fearing for her life. To see how small the room where she slept was, to see how many stairs they had to climb day in and day out. To watch an interview her father gave regarding her life, and how she inspired him. So much happened in her short life. What would I have done. What would have been my reaction to being in that situation. Definitely something to think about. 

It’s actually dinner time now….so I’ll probably get back to writing about what my 2nd favorite thing

An OB/GYN writes to George Will about college rape

Dr. Jen Gunter

Dear Mr. Will,

I read your recent column on the “supposed campus epidemic of rape, a.k.a. sexual assault” and am somewhat taken aback by your claim that forcing colleges to take a tougher stand on sexual assault somehow translates into a modern version of The Crucible that replaces witchcraft with rape hysteria.

I was specifically moved to write to you because the rape scenario that you describe somewhat incredulously is not unfamiliar to me. Not because I’ve heard it in many different iterations (I have sadly done many rape kits), but because it was not unlike my own rape. The lead up was slightly different, but I too was raped by someone I knew and did not emerge with any obvious physical evidence that a crime had been committed. I tried to push him away, I said “No!” and “Get off” multiple times,” but he was much stronger and suddenly…

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Taking a look through her lens

Inspired by her surroundings

Focusing on more than what’s in front

Finding the hidden beauty

Another picture is not what she takes

Noteworthy talent

Yet always ready to learn more


This is one of the many poems that I’m writing as a Thank you for those that donated up to or beyond the poetry level on my GoFundme Page. Each poem is written with love and thought to the particular person(s)’ life.

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Thank you and God Bless 

Drogos Boys

Dreaming of a bright future

Reaching for the highest stars

Opening your hearts and minds to new experiences

Going places your parents never imagined

Offering questions after questions

Seeking to learn more and more

Bringing joy to those around them

Out flows the laughter they bring to both

Young and old

Sweetest boys you’ll ever meet

This is one of the many poems that I’m writing as a Thank you for those that donated up to or beyond the poetry level on my GoFundme Page. Each poem is written with love and thought to the particular person(s)’ life.

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