Finding My Way Again

Wow!! Truly an awesome guy! So honored to have met him! Read his stuff!

frontal lobotomy

I’m currently in Seminary and am doing my classes online, but in order to get the degree we have to have a certain number of hours of ‘facetime’ with a professor (i.e. class) and a certain number of ‘community’ hours (i.e. unstructured campus experiences).  In order to accomplish this task, Fuller (my Seminary) created a hybrid program that combines both the classroom and online classrooms into one by having a week together with your class, with four hours of class (per class I should say) and two hours of ‘community’ time at night.  I was in two of these classes simultaneously, so I have had 8 hours of class and 2 hours of ‘community’ time each day…in California.*

*understand, I was in a building for at least 10 hours every day in sunny California…this was not what I had hoped for

One of my classes was Human Development in Context…

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