A Children’s Counselor’s Story

Something I wrote regarding my work with child survivors of sexual abuse.


Fascination with office supplies

So if you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of office/school supplies. It’s been something that I’ve always loved. At the age of about 13 – 15 I would go with my mom to this convention at a hotel with tables of free samples. 

ImageI would get pens such as the one’s above. Plus new gadgets and what not. I remember the first time I came home with white out tape. I was in school and someone asked for white out and busted that out and my classmate was like what the heck is this. I just laughed and showed them how to use it. 

Even now, when I go to stores I always look for new items, or things I’ve never used before and of course bargains.  Perhaps the best place that I look for office supplies is the dollar store. I’ve gotten tons of stuff from there. My reaction to finding something cool at the dollar store is almost comical. I get really excited and brag on my finds. 


These are some really cool page tabs that I found there and I wouldn’t be surprised if I did a little jig when I discovered them. They were the last set. I’ve seen similar ones but only in 4 or 5 colors.

I’ve found everything from actual Post Its, to file folders (which were $4.99 at an office supply store), and Pilot, Bic, UniBall pens and tons more. Perhaps the BIGGEST find was these PaperMate mechanical pencils which are being sold on Amazon for about $10. Can you believe that!! 12 pencils for $1!!  I should have bought at least 2 packs! Maybe that’s why my pen box is so full! 


So yea I’m a little crazy when it comes to office supplies. haha! I either have to cut back or get a bigger box for my pens. Just FYI those are ONLY my pens at work…I got a box just as big as my work box. I also have a color pencil box and marker box, and well…you get the idea. I guess it’s a good thing I get my stuff at the dollar store.