I’m so backward

I consider myself a decent writer. I’m not the best, but I get by. However, like everything in life I tend to do things a little different.

Most writers start writing first and then go back and add the title so that it supports their papers. Me, I start with a title. Really. That goes for special events too. Like when I used to be a youth leader, I would think up a theme or a title for the event and then all the planning, scriptures and what not that would support the theme would come later. Most people I know first find the scripture, then figure out what they want to accomplish and THEN they do the theme. Not me. 

When it comes to writing, I think of what do I want to call this. What should it be about. Personally I’m a fan of one word title. love, hatred, joy, peace. but that’s more for my poetry.  Occasionally I will write something that has no title. That’s where freedom comes in. I just write and write….but even for this blog i thought of my title after writing only one sentence which was “I’m so backwards”. Which of course I deleted to make my title 🙂 

I found that when I start with a title I am able to reduce my writers block. I think ok, now I know what I’m writing about, now I just have to write. Take for example my final for my last class. I had 3 days to do it, and no idea what I was going to write about. I looked at the list of ideas and saw the word sin, and after a cpl of minutes i was like ” A Sinless World”. Then I added my subtitle after doing a lil research and BOOM the rest is history. I think titles and themes is important for me because most of the preachings, or conferences, or events that I’ve gone to have catchy titles. It’s what helps me remember them. I figure if I want to grab people’s attention and if I want people to notice, let me do a catchy title.

I guess I say this to let you guys in on my little secret…well that and I was in the mood to do some writing 🙂 

So if you ever come across some of my writings and like the title or think the title is different, just know that I probably came up with that before I even started writing…yea I know I’m weird 🙂