Where would I be…

I’m answering all these get to know you papers about my likes, hobbies and goals and I wonder where would I be if I weren’t here right now. One of the questions I answered today was about my educational history beginning with college. It surprised me how many different directions my mind has traveled since I’ve graduated college. Of course I shouldn’t be surprised seeing as I’m the one that made those decisions to get me to where I need to be, but I think back to when I got my college diploma and there was no way someone would have convinced me that I would be in seminary, let alone getting my master’s degree in Theology. Right now I’m thinking, “how the heck did I get here”. 

I wonder if that’s what the disciples thought when they were in the Upper Room experiencing for the first time the rushing wind of the Holy Spirit. If Peter or Andrew were wondering where they would be if they had continued fishing that day Jesus came to them. If Peter wondered that after he denied Jesus. If Andrew wondered that after the disciples began to make their separate ways. 

I can honestly look back and remember every decision I made to get to where I am, and I can’t even fathom making a different choice. I know that where I’m at now is where God has lead me to. I have seen Him open doors at every cross road. 

Where would I be if I were not in seminary right now?

Where would I be if I had walked away from God?

I don’t know where I would have been, but I do know that it’s not where I would’ve belonged. Where I am at now, on this day, at this point in time is exactly where I need to be.


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