New Year…New me???

Often when one thinks about new year resolution, people will tend to focus on the outside. We want to lose weight, get a new style, change eating habits, or shopping habits. Things that reflect the physical. Yes those are all things that I personally need to work on, but perhaps more importantly the changes that have occurred in my personality are what worries me the most. I find myself getting irritated more, less motivated to do things. I am short with people around me, not as positive as I used to be, I smile less. Things that used to make up a huge part of who I was is no longer there. I could blame burn out, or stress, or hormones but I think its something to do with my frame of mind. What has changed in the last couple of years that has caused this dramatic change. I miss it when people used to tell me that I was always smiling. I think this year instead of creating a new me, I think I’ll find out what happened to the old me. Once I figure it out I’m going to then take the bits and peices that I’m missing and create something that consist with a little bit of new and a whole lot of smiles 🙂 In order to do that, the following will be necessary;

I will write more

I will draw more

I will sing more

I will hug more

I will love deeper

I will pray more

I will read more

I will love stronger

I will speak bolder

I will listen to myself

I will reach out more

I will lend a hand

I will learn to say no in a nice way

I will love myself


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