When we tell God that we’re going to give Him our heart, we need to consider how honest we’re being. Are we saying that we are surrendering all of our heart or are we just giving Him what we think He wants? We think, “OK God you can have my heart, but let me just hold on to this piece right here”. We think we can hold on to it because as long as God has most of our heart we should be ok. However with God, it needs to be all or nothing. 
Today I listened as one of the speakers mentioned an artist that makes beautiful masterpieces out of broken objects and trash. When he said this, my focus was not on the trash that is in my life, but on the the pieces of my life I had not surrendered. When I tell God to mend the pieces of my heart because it’s so broken, yet I keep a piece to myself what does that do? Maybe I keep it because its just TOO messed up, or I am ashamed of that piece, or I feel its not worthy of restoration. Whatever reason, I hold on to it. I refuse to turn it over, thinking I’m doing the right thing. 
The artist is able to do beautiful work with all the pieces he has, yet sometimes there’s something missing. God has done all He can with what we’ve given Him, yet for us it’s not enough. There’s something still missing. We wonder why we haven’t changed, why we still carry that burden or feeling within us. 
When the artist adds that last brush stroke, that last dab of paint, glitter, or whatever medium they are using, the masterpiece is complete. Before that it was still beautiful, but it wasn’t completed. 
What pieces of your life are you holding back from God? What words have been left unspoken? Ask yourself, Have I given Him everything? Am I just giving Him a part of me? Are there any missing pieces that I have shoved to the uttermost parts of myself? Why am I unable to surrender it all? 


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