What happens at LATISM….gets spread all over Social Media

There are no secrets here, cause I mean hey that’s what LATISM is about right?

LATISM was beyond AWESOME!!! And I’m not saying that just to say it. I really do think it was one of the best all around 2 day conference I’ve ever been too. I’ve attended a variety of conferences with work and church, but this one had the most participation, the most fun activities, awesome sponsors, and the people were Great!! That’s saying a lot since I ended up missing out on a lot of the key events.

Friday I arrived and got straight to work helping registration. I’ve had the opportunity to work at registration for several events, and like most, this one had a couple of kinks, but the team made it so much easier. Something that would have been drama for some people were a breeze for these guys. They totally rolled with the punches. It helped that not that many people were upset about the kinks, so if you have drama free people, you’ll have a drama free registration. After helping for a couple of hours I embarked in my first session, which was Creative Uses for Education. I ended up missing the first half, but the half that I did see was pretty good. We had someone from the S.A.T board in the audience and she brought up some interesting statistics. I really liked the open concept and dialogue between the panel and the audience. I felt like we could have kept talking for hours about the different advantages/disadvantages of technology.

Lunch was next, and we got to learn about the awesome programs Johnson and Johnson sponsor. It’s always great to hear how people and especially companies as big as theirs give back to the community. I had never known they were so involved with things. I also got to meet some women from the National Hispana Leadership Institute. I didn’t even know that existed (I’ll definitely be looking into them more).

It was then on to Blogging 101, another fabulous panel giving out great tips. If you want to read some of them you can go to twitter and search #LATISMblog and you’ll see the ones I posted, since LATISM didn’t have an official hashtag for the newbies track. Then it was on the Successful Hispanic Social Media Campaigns, another pretty cool panel here.

Then I was done for the day. I had wanted to attend the Gala but there was just to much stuff I needed to do that night and decided to stay home, but from the Instagram and FB pictures it looks like I missed out on one great party! Saturday morning I was back at registration til about 11ish and I got to meet this really cool UT student named Pedro. We discussed immigration, education and zombies! So yea that was fun. Its also one of the reasons why I enjoy being at registration, I get to see so many faces from the beginning so when I’m walking around, I recognize people and I don’t feel like such a loser for not knowing anyone.

There was just so much stuff going on at LATISM that I wish I would have had 3 clones of myself so I could do everything! I think perhaps the most inspiring for me was the Adelante movement. When Nelly spoke I was just inspired! Then Sandra came on and i was like WHOA!!!

LATISM, above anything else, reminded me about the importance of being true to myself. People will always try to change me, manipulate me, or try to buy me off, but in the end I am me and my decisions in life need to reflect the person I want to be. By aligning myself with certain companies or people I am saying that I am like those people or think the way they do.

Anyway here are some of the pics from my LATISM experience. If you didn’t go, I really hope you’ll get to go next year.






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