Not giving up on your ministry/ mission/job

Often times there’s an unsettling in your spirit and you have no idea where it’s coming from or how it got there…. you just know you don’t like it and want it gone. Then all of a sudden God reveals everything to you and you realize all the areas of your life that has been affected by this thing and you feel relieved. He reveals what could’ve happened and demonstrates what will happen. He strengthens you and encourages you to keep going. You might not always understand why your going through the struggle, but stay faithful, lean on Him, remember He is your guiding light.

I know because this was something i just experienced. I had been feeling an unrest for sometime and prayed to figure out where it was coming from. Today I discovered what it was, and it was a relief. Earlier today i had thought about giving up on something that God gifted me because i was frustrated and wanted to teach “those”  people a lesson. I was ready to quit on something that I could’ve never achieved on my own but had been able to through Gods grace. Once i had made up my mind on quiting i made a timeline on when would be the most convenient time to quit. Then tonight happened. God told me how can I quit on something He had given me. Something accomplished not through my knowledge or skills but purely as a result of His goodness. He gave me this job/mission because there is something I need to do there. The only one who can say when I’m done is God.

Is there something in your life you’re wanting to quit but struggling with the decision? Don’t worry we’ve all been there and your not alone. Just know that God is working through you as we speak, but when you feel you cant go any further remember he’s really the one doing all the work.  Turn to Him let Him encourage you and strengthen you, don’t believe that you can do it on your own because we didn’t get to where we are on our own.


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