So I’m making my checklist for tomorrow just to make sure I don’t forget anything. I tend to be one of those prepare for anything type ppl.

1. Chargers
2. Phone and tablet
3. Pens and paper
4. Contact solution ( in case they get dry)
5. Sweater ( in case it gets cold)
6. Dress ( in case i go to the gala)
7.  Caramelo book (in case i meet Sandra Cisneros)
8. Heels (for gala dress)
9. bobby pins, hair spray and comb (for gala hair)
10. Water bottle
11. Purse to carry everything
12. Kleenexfor (in case of sniffles)
13. Glasses (in case i loose a contact, it has happened before)

Again i tend to be an over packers so I might rethink some of these or add more.


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