2012 is my year for Social Media…

2012 has been my year for working with social media. It started earlier this year when I, along with some of my friends, were able to raise a decent amount of money for the Race Against Violence using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. After that someone approached me about volunteering and helping to raise money for an organization using social media. Soon after that someone asked if I had ever thought about changing fields and working in social media and networking to help our cause. Then a month ago, I was asked to help run the Spanish ministry FB page at my church (*shameless plug* please go like Los Pentecostales de Katy http://tinyurl.com/9kfd4wo). All this lead me to wonder if maybe doors were opening for me to head in a different direction. While I’m not a big techie person, I do like to keep in the “know”. Even though I’m highly active in social media, I feel like I haven’t grasped the full benefits of what social media and networking can do for me. So that’s why when I heard about LATISM’12, I jumped at the chance to attend the conference. 

What is LATISM’12 you ask? LATISM stands for Latinos In Social Media an organization dedicated to advancing the social, civic and economic status of the Latino community. Which is perfect for me cause I’m a Latina, and I want to advance my knowledge about social media. What I like about this conference is that they have different topics on how you can use social media in the field your working in. It covers everything from education, technology, business and health. Even the titles of the workshops are catchy, who wouldn’t want to go to something called The New Latino Media: Digital Journalism con Sabor and Is your Business having SOLOMO? (Social/Local/Mobile).

Overall I’m pretty excited to be a part of this, just cause people are telling me I’m good at it and I don’t really believe them. So who better to help me figure out if this is my new “thing” or if its just something for 2012, than the professionals. 


2 thoughts on “2012 is my year for Social Media…

  1. I’m getting excited! We’re counting down and I keep finding new sessions I want to attend. It’s going to be fun.

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