Listening to the Silence

Have you ever wondered why people are so uncomfortable with silence? I know I have. I remember when I first started counseling, that was something people always told me to do. You must be ok with silence. Let it speak for itself, sooner or later someone is bound to talk. Unfortunately at the beginning it was me. It was hard to just sit there. As time passed I began to feel ok with the silence when working with my clients. I would listen to the things that were unsaid. 
Then something awesome started to happen. I started listening to my own silence. I started focusing on the things I wasn’t saying in my silence. The thoughts that were floating around in there, the thoughts that I pushed away, the memories I re-lived. Each one forming a part of me. Often times when I wake up I just sit there. Allowing my mind to tell me what I’m needing to hear in the moment. Sometimes its nothing special, sometimes it can alter my whole day. Yet my favorite times are after I’ve read the bible, and I’ve sat there just letting it and God speak to me. Its so awesome when we don’t have to ask questions, or complain, or petition for things. I know that God knows my needs and I don’t need to shout them out, or speak them for Him to hear them. 


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